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TSIP Launches practical guide to matched crowdfunding for trusts, foundations, government departments and businesses

29th June 2018

‘Putting the pieces together: A practical guide to matched crowdfunding’ is aimed at funders that are interested in funding projects with the ‘crowd’ by awarding grants to projects that are crowdfunding. It offers an overview of what matched crowdfunding is, who’s involved and different approaches along with insights and advice from experienced match funders, grantees and crowdfunding platforms. 

Hackney CivHub Workshop

TSIP launches pop-up Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney

15th May 2018

TSIP are launching a pop-up Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney. In the first event, TSIP ran a workshop with young people and representatives from the public, private, and charitable sector to explore life in Hackney - looking at what causes young people to feel unwelcome and what really needs to change.