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Hackney CivHub Workshop

TSIP launches pop-up Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney

15th May 2018

TSIP are launching a pop-up Civic Innovation Hub in Hackney. In the first event, TSIP ran a workshop with young people and representatives from the public, private, and charitable sector to explore life in Hackney - looking at what causes young people to feel unwelcome and what really needs to change.

Green Revolutions - a Big Venture Challenge case study

20th November 2017

The fourth and final case study in a series spotlighting TSIP's work with organisations taking part in UnLtd's Big Venture Challenge (BVC). Green Revolutions, a social enterprise working for the benefit of its local community, aims to make clean, green driving accessible and affordable for all - find out how TSIP worked with them to help evidence their social impact.